The Proclivity to Run


A warm and rough coconut nestled between her hands as the hammock cradled her lithe yet bountiful form. Her skin felt soft and sensitive from her lover’s hands the night before and the sun warmed her from the inside out, a sensual roast. She didn’t realize it at the time, but the urge to run was gnawing at her heels again. The subtle impulse wrapped around her ankles and guided her toward the sea, the mountains, the jungle, the people she still had yet to meet; it crawled over her shoulders, pulling her heart back into the unknown and the wild. Continue reading

the breath of solitude

IMG_8815 Being single after a serious long-term relationship is like slowly peeling off your winter coat. You’ve pulled it snugly around your frame for months (years, really), hugging it tightly as a daily reminder of protection and security; clutching it vigorously during the worst of storms; shedding it gently in heated homes as you’re greeted with warm tea only to return it to your shoulders a few hours later just as secure and comforted as before.

Then softly, subtly, the scent in the air changes and the weather with it. You slowly roll up your sleeves and unnerved, begin to slink shoulders out into the unforgiving light. Continue reading

trust the journey

life has a strange way of circling you around where you’re meant to be. taking you through the scenic route, through awkward paths and side roads; hovering around the ultimate destination until finally it’s settles. leaving you with all these lessons, wisdom, & gentle understandings you wouldn’t possess without having taken the scenic route.