The Reading

“It couldn’t be clearer,” she said, pointing at the 3 cards laid out in perfect symmetry on the embroidered cloth.

  1. Eight of Cups – It’s time to break away from the past, from what I know. To turn away from existing relationships that are no longer serving me to pursue that which is new and has deeper meaning.
  2. The Empress – It’s time to harness my feminine power. The Empress is soft yet exuding strength and effeminate power, bursting with life, creativity, and lush nature.
  3. Four of Cups – It’s time to dig deep, become more self-reflective because I am expending energy on things that no longer serve me. Its time to open to the new possibilities the universe is sending my way.

It’s time to turn away from that which once brought me happiness and move toward the new and the unknown. I’m full and bursting with big, glorious dreams. I am moving forward with refocused energies.

Heartbreak will alter my focus. Settling will hold me back. Fear will paralyze me.

I am The Empress. I’m wearing the crown.


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