Letting Go & Feeling Everything

Advice from a favorite author, Melody Beattie:

[When we’re letting go], we don’t let go in an instant, a moment. We don’t let go without going through all our emotions.

We can’t let go of an event or circumstance without first experiencing all of our emotions. And we can’t experience all of our emotions, honoring and validating them, without also letting go in the physical body.

Traumas, grief, unacheived expectations and dreams, these things manifest in the physical body. That’s why we so often have the innate urge to move physically to express our inner workings. That’s why, after a deep yoga class, savasana feels so damn good.

We’re opening, feeling, listening, releasing, strengthening, growing.

We are giving ourselves space and permission to be raw. And in this rawness we witness our truth. The truth of who we are without the labels and categories by which we define ourselves.

Feel all that is needed. Go through each emotion, let it resonnate, simmer in it, but don’t get lost in it. Once you have accepted that emotion, validating it, then it will easily release. And then you can let go. And finally you can move forward.



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