The Aching Search for Truth

We each have this aching, this thirst for our truth.

Not THE truth, or the truth of everything, but our own personal truth.

The truth of why we’re here. What we’re meant to do. To find the things that move our soul and ignite our hearts.

When we’re invested in our soul’s true purpose, following our body’s and our spirit’s most raw truth, our pores speckle out sunbeams. We radiate the brightest energy from our entirety.

When we allow and create space for that truth to come forward and reveal itself, we’re simultaneously surrendering to it and empowering ourselves by it. For when we know our truth, it is awe-inspiring and likely a bit terrifying. This truth can be scary because it may be different from what we already know or are already doing. Different from what we are used to, it will likely call for life changes and letting go of people, places, things, habits.

But when the truth is revealed, put into motion, and manifested, happiness and satisfaction will be automatic. For when we are working at our purpose, our truth, we can’t help but to feel the puzzle pieces of our lives and identities coming into alignment. 

Those feelings of deep misunderstood longings, late-night soul cravings, and mental and emotional misalignment slowly fade. Every movement and action will be satisfying, fully satiated by the raw truth of your soul, the manifestation of your purpose, the slow-opening and gentle becomings of your truth.

This exquisite opening, unfolding, unwrapping of myself is the most beautiful, intimate, loving acts I’ve ever been a part of.

Truth manifested:
out from our cores; the fire of our bellies.
up from our soles; the earth of our feet.

I can feel it when I move, when I am still.
I can – taste it – hear it – feel it – see it – smell it.

Deep movements, meditation in motion,
digging and searching within my entirety.
beneath the messy pieces and sticky bits that I am ready to let go of.

In order to go deeper, I find the unnecessary, the excess, and shed it.
Creating spaces and openings.
The art of decluttering.

Afterwards, I feel a tightness in my jaw, 
remnants of the release becoming stuck.
in various places, the forehead, shoulders.

As if parts of my body aren’t ready to let go,
the strain and difficulty in letting go. 
my physical body is now sore from the effort.

No matter the reason, 
the aftertaste of my daily deep body search leaves me.
I have speckled sunshine beaming from my pores.

It’s a subtle warmth.
Like soft sunshine.
More mild, much more hidden.

The warmth, the opening, the feeling of returning to source
with fire and water, air and earth.
radiating from the core of my being: the belly, the heart.




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