Like Children & Lovers

Earlier this week, I taught a particularly heartfelt yin yoga class, the kind where yogis connect, not through words but through energies, to themselves and to each other… the energy so potent that it permeates outward from the room…

After a class, I always feel into the whispers of my body… on this day my heart ached. My shoulders pulled inward craving hugs and hot tea. My heart ached for those in my class. For the weight their hearts are carrying. For my own heart and the heaviness it holds. I ached for the world, for the disruptions of the earth’s natural balance.

I felt. I listened. To my heart. To my body.

I placed my block under my shoulders for supported fish pose. I sank in deep. I ached. I sighed. I searched for the sticky bits, the unwanted and the unnecessary, and I exhaled them out, sinking into the maternal hand of gravity as she pulled me closer into an embrace.

Like a child in the forest perking up his ears at the sound of a woodland creature rustling in the leaves, when we are still, we are better able to listen to the deepest whispers of ourselves. 

Like two lovers sharing a tender kiss in a soulful connection, when we close our eyes, we are better able to feel the most subtle aches and openings of ourselves.


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