Perpetual Autumn

Autumnal sunshine transports me back to memories of Pai. The infamous mountain town in northern Thailand that my friends and I have appropriately nicknamed ‘the land of the lotus eaters’. Many people came and never left. Opened restaurants and made families. Melded into the easy ways of a mountain town. Past lives were forgotten and left behind as these travelers enmeshed themselves in the vibrant sunsets, rich food, and the not-so-subtle cornucopia of ‘mood enhancers’.

I’m left with these memories of this beautiful and grounded town. Where yoga & music & camping & atypical diets are the norm.

It felt like a piece of my soul, a home I had envisioned countless times in my own mind, a place where I felt free & adventurous, connected & appreciated, full of love & wide-eyed.


Pai is a sleepy town drenched in perpetual autumn. Where the day is hot and dry as you motorbike through the mountainous farmland in search of hot springs, (boxed) wineries, and all-seeing Buddhas. Where rainbow sunsets are met with a cozy scarf and soft jacket to warm you in between hot sweet teas served in bamboo mugs while sharing bites of stuffed baked potatoes or vegan pizza.


2014-03-03 18.52.05

Autumn emanates the rawness of new beginnings. Of falling in love and embarking on new journeys. Of attempting things that shake your soul and hoping to succeed. Of coming back into yourself with love and peace and a readiness to grow.

As fall descends on us, how lightly and beautifully it is happening this year, allow your soul to open, your heart to break in the best of ways. Cracking & stretching & molding to form a new perspective, to let new light in.

Making space to grow, create, foster new things, breathe, discover.









 2014-03-03 18.17.38-1




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