Follow the Butterflies


They come just before a life-altering journey…

Fingers trembling on the flight to Australia with 25 new friends
Eyes reluctantly accepting sleep the night before the first day of college
Heart flickers with electric touches as green and brown eyes meet before a first kiss
Breath catching as the doors opens for the first day of yoga teacher training
Knees weak and eyes blurry with tears as the plane boards for Thailand
Excitement boiling when discovering that the perfect job wants an interview


I used to think that these wild dances in my belly were anxiety and nervousness, indicating fear. That they meant danger, a warning to stay alert and on guard. But over the years I’ve learned that instead, these squirmy, little dancers bring forth a wild spark in my eyes, acting like a bright beacon leading to a path just outside my comfort zone.

My butterflies have rarely led me astray. They are tiny exploding sparks sent from the Universe to confirm that I’m onto something great, that this path is the right one. They always show up when I’m beginning a journey to a life changing, perspective altering place.


Prior to each trip far from home, each moment with my paramour, and each time I embark on a trying, soul opening journey, my body shakes with exhilaration and my belly dances with trepidation.

This wonderfully uncomfortable feeling is joy and the universe conspiring to lead me just beyond what’s comfortable, accept the inevitable change and flow, embrace new beginnings with an exploring eye and a grateful soul.

“You want to explore, you want an adventure. You want to become new… How do we become new? Courage is needed, and not ordinary courage; extraordinary courage is needed… [Being courageous is to be sensitive, to keep your heart open.]  To be sensitive means the new will be felt – and the thrill of the new, and the passion for the new and the adventure will arise and you will start moving into the unknown…”

Osho, Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously


So when you’re heart skips a little beat, your breath catches as your belly dances, and your eyes are electric with the feeling of happy anticipation, follow the butterflies. Do whatever you can to keep on that path. Any obstacles or challenges you face, let them humble you, serving as a reminder of your path, a testament to your strength and perseverance, and a lesson in loving appreciation of yourself and your dreams.

No matter what may fall on to your path, trust and follow the butterflies.




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