Yoga Mats Needed!

Meet some of my students!! They are so silly and awesome 😁 We want to start a yoga club/class after school but despite my searching, I can’t seem to find any yoga mats in this area of Thailand! (We would play in the grass but it’s rainy season and its super muddy). Any yogis out there have gently used or new yoga mats they want to donate🙏?! I’ll even pay for shipping 🙌 just shoot me an email at @bentonlearning @sidyoga @gypsetgoddess @masumi_g @laurasykora @allyoucanyoga #yoga #kidsyoga #yogaforall #yogaeverydamnday #yogi #teaching #love #Thailand #Travel (at โรงเรียนสวรรค์อนันต์วิทยา (Sawananan Wittaya School))


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