Giresole: Turning with the Sun

Arrived safely, although a bit groggy, in Chiang Mai, which, in my opinion, is the best city for travelers in need of some familiar culture and language. Exactly what PT, Lyndsey, and I need right about now.

Craving some western food, we ate at an Italian restaurant for lunch, to eat a fresh salad with vinaigrette rather than mayonnaise is fresh and light and oh so delicious! But really the important part of this post is the name of the restaurant, “Giresole” which means sunflower in Italian, as Lyndsey, happy in all that is Italian and missing her favorite nation, explained to me. She said that it literally means “turning with the sun”. What a beautiful name for a flower that spends each day following the sun across the sky… ☀️🌻☀️🌻


(I wish I had a picture of a sunflower to add to this post as well!)

Update: I recently bought a little book with pictures of sunflowers and quotes.



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