The Story of The Mucalinda Tree:

The #Buddha #meditated at the foot of a mucalinda tree. It began to rain heavily and graciously #Naga King Mucalinda gave shelter to the Buddha from the storm by covering the Buddha’s head with his 7 snake heads. After seven days the rain stopped and the snake changed into a young man who paid his respects to the Buddha. The Buddha then said:

“#Happy are they who are #contented. Happiness is for those who hear and know the #truth. Happy are they who have #good will in this world towards all sentient beings. Happy are they who have no attachments and have passed beyond sense-desires. The disappearance of the word “I AM ” is indeed the highest happiness.” (at อุทยานประวัติศาสตร์ศรีสัชนาลัย (Si Satchanalai Historical Park))


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